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The Johnson family chose a morning session where there was a slight chill when we arrived in the parking lot, but the sun warmed everyone quickly when we arrived at the ocean’s edge. I always love when the adults are willing to not take themselves seriously and just focus on making the little ones laugh. This session was gifted with beautiful light, a practically empty beach, many joyful moments and some reflective ones too. My favorite type of session. Nothing I love more than returning home with sand and waterlogged shoes. My deepest thanks to you all for being casual and allowing me the honor of sharing a morning on Tybee Island with your family.


As a Tybee Island photographer, I have to admit when I arrived at the Mikell’s beach house for their morning session I thought they might be dressed a little too nice to be willing to play freely as many of my families tend to do. Was I ever wrong. This crew ended up being truly carefree and  playful. What an energizing way to start your day by taking a dip in the ocean as these guys enjoy a beautiful, secluded stretch of beach on Tybee’s north shore. Thank you all so much for proving me wrong and I look forward to the next time you guys visit Tybee.


Tybee Elopement — Nikki and Jade chose to have a simple Tybee elopement ceremony on the north end before celebrating with a stroll on the beach. Including their short ceremony we spent a total of one hour on the beach. Besides being a bit knowledgeable about tides, it can really be that simple. If  you’re looking for a bit more or are not to familiar with the area then please feel free to reach me and I will be happy to share my knowledge with you and try to make your day less stressful. I can help you find an officiant, a hotel or beach rental,  places to have a reception or simply an intimate dinner party after your ceremony as well as have a discussion on where exactly to have your ceremony based on your personal expectations.

There truly is no template for how a Tybee elopement must be. I have documented weddings at the foot of the lighthouse for two hundred and climbed the 178 steps to photograph a Tybee elopement for two, the north beach, the south beach and many in-between. Even a few places most don’t know about. Some people choose to spend simply a half day on Tybee. Just long enough for a ceremony and a bite to eat afterwards. Most people choose an early evening ceremony close to sunset, but a few plan for a sunrise wedding. A sunrise wedding is certainly not for those not use to getting up before dawn, but if you are there’s a great chance you will be rewarded with a completely deserted beach and a light show that seems planned just for you.

There are many romantic activities that visitors are unaware of, like hiking the Cockspur Lighthouse trail or kayaking the Savannah River and having a picnic on a deserted beach. However long you visit and whether you plan for an intimate Tybee elopement or a big wedding celebration, I hope the end results speak of you both and what you value and I hope you enjoy your Tybee Time.