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There are many Tybee Island family photographers to choose from so I am always very honored when a family goes out of their way to support my work. April, Caleb and little Wylie Jewell are one of those families. April found me on Instagram and truly gets and appreciates my work. This, to any creative, is priceless. When a client just shows up and says, “Just tell us where to go or what you’d like us to do.” and when they trust you and your process implicitly then you can really focus on being creative and making images you didn’t even know would happen.

My morning spent with these three unbelievably adorable people was filled with trading kisses for seashells, exploring tide pools and knocking on ghost crab holes to see if anybody is home. I’m so glad you three had such perfect conditions for your session. I am beyond grateful for your friendship and support and am humbled by the love you expressed for each other while in front of my camera. Thank you.

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Sunrise on Tybee Island is alway stunning and otherworldly, but add these four and it just makes you wonder if you can handle so much beauty at once. Emily, John, Reese and Jude are a family that I’m pretty sure roll out of bed all looking adorable…even if they all had morning hair. They have such an authentic affection for each other and I couldn’t stop laughing at Reese’s and Jude’s personalities along with their facial expressions.

Thank you guys for rising early and for taking advantage of such a stunning morning together with me. It’s always a better start to my day when I get to share laughter and witness the joy of a family like yours as you explore Tybee Island.

By the way, this is a mini session. I believe everyone should have quality photos of their family when voting Tybee Island and I completely understand that sometimes it isn’t in the budget. That’s what made me decide to start offering mini sessions of thirty minutes and twenty-five images. You can visit my faq page to read more about the session in detail.

The sessions are in the mornings only, which is actually my favorite light on Tybee Island. West coast has the best sunsets in my opinion, but we have the best sunrises on the east coast. They are more intimate because their are no crowds which really helps families and couples feel the experience is something a little extra special. They are also cooler in temperature and normally have a slight breeze. And it’s a great way to work up an appetite and beat the crowd at The Breakfast Club.

I’d make all Tybee Island sessions morning sessions if I could, but there simply aren’t enough days in the summer. And some people like sleeping in a little too much…and I’m not talking about the kids here.


Each time I have the good fortune to  do a little Fripp Island family photography I know I’m in for an experience long before my feet hit the sand. This was certainly the case with Amy and Brian, their ten-year-old daughter, and twin four-year-old boys.

Just driving to Fripp Island will put you in front of some of the most beautiful and pristine marshland and ocean views. I’m always exclaiming aloud to nobody as I make the early pre-dawn drive. Once you get to Fripp Island, if you didn’t know, you’ll quickly find out they have a healthy deer population. They’re standing around everywhere grazing, especially at that hour.

I went to the beach as Amy Brian and the kids were finishing getting ready. I stood on the boardwalk appreciating the sun that had just risen and lit everything in a gold cast including me and a few buck feeding in the distance. Then as pulled my camera from my bag a buck got more than curious about it (probably thinking it was food) and walked from a good hundred feet right up to me and sniffed out me and my camera. His wet nose brushed across my hand.

All this grace and beauty before even beginning to photograph what is certainly a loving and playful family. A full moon  and only these five souls dancing in a dawn with a quality that makes you feel like they and you are all that exists.