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More than once I have a client call and ask in a shy, almost apologetic voice, if I will photograph their Tybee Island elopement. “Of course!’ and “They’re some of my favorites!” is always my response. I offer clients half hour session coverage of elopement Sunday through Friday and seven days a week when it isn’t summer. When it’s just the two of you and you’re just starting out in life together but would like images to look back on it’s my honor to provide a service that fits your needs.

I talk with every client about best locations and times for a ceremony in regards to light, tide and privacy. I show you images from past ceremonies and full explain your options. My primary focus for you is a great experience first, because if you have a great experience the photos will naturally follow.

John and Nancy are two very endearing people that recently asked if I’d document their intimate elopement on Tybee’s north beach. I could tell they felt a bit overwhelmed since they would be traveling from Atlanta with limited knowledge of Tybee. I assured them that everything would be as perfect and planned as possible.

They were already in good hands having secured Dana Johnson of Tybee Bride as their Tybee wedding officiant. Dana shares the same beliefs in giving each client the best experience possible and he does his best to personalize each ceremony and make every client feel special on their day.

John and Nancy were a bit nervous, of course, but once they got into the ceremony and said “I do” their personalities really shined forth. A few clouds and an overcast evening didn’t dilute an ounce of joy or laughter these two shared after tying the knot. Thank you both for the honor of experiencing your love for each other.

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I personally love creating Tybee Island photos at sunrise on south beach more than anything. This morning mini session with Ellen, Morris and Michael, the new center of their world, was idyllic in ever sense of the word. We were greeted by a beach still untouched by footprints and a quality of morning light that is possibly unrivaled. Thank you both for your display of devotion and affection for one another. Thank you so much for not only understanding the passion that is translated visually by your unhesitating willingness to get in the water in your clothes and connect with each other, but for doing so in such a natural way. Like the morning light, our time together was brief, yet beautiful.

Tybee Island Photostybee-island-photos02tybee-island-photos03tybee-island-photos04tybee-island-photos06tybee-island-photos07tybee-island-photos08tybee-island-photos09tybee-island-photos10tybee-island-photos11tybee-island-photos12tybee-island-photos13

I had the pleasure of shooting a Tybee Island family photo session for Gwen and Brent with their children, Sophia, Haley and Tristan (T-rex to his peeps) last year along with their extended family. They were amazing with the amount of energy and connection they had for each other right away. It’s apparent this sort of play is a part of their normal lives and not just something for the camera.

This year I feel the images were even stronger because not only did these guys repeat the long road trip all the way from Indiana and ask me to chase them all over again, but they arrived as old friends. I was greeted with hugs in the parking lot at 6:45 in the morning of there session which just happened to be the 4th of July. There was never a moment where we weren’t all joking and laughing as dear friends do.

It’s easy and comfortable for most families to stay in that playful emotional zone where every action is light hearted and full of laughter, but to move to the level where you’re comfortable going deeper and expressing a wider range of emotion and your individual personalities with each other is as much a gift for me as it is for them.

Before this endearing family left the island they invited me out to coffee. I mean inviting your photographer to meet up for coffee during you vacation?! My work specializes in visually capturing the relationships within families and so much of that is based on the relationships I build with clients when the camera is not in front of my face.

Gwen wanted to make a photo of me with her children. I mean come on, are you trying to make a guy get choked up?! So we made plans for me to stop by their rental right before they left the island. I was sad to see these guys go, but before they did I made a family portrait of them in from of the rental they had been making memories in all week. The place was just like them.  It was unquestionably cool in its uniqueness and beautifully hidden yet obvious to those that seek it out, as good people so often are.

That photo reminds me of vacations from my childhood when a new scene and experience called for a photograph. This last photo is the most meaningful photo I’ve made this summer simply because it’s a photo of my friends. I predict their Tybee Island family photo session will be even better next year.

Tybee Island family phototybee-island-family-photo01btybee-island-family-photo02tybee-island-family-photo03tybee-island-family-photo04tybee-island-family-photo05tybee-island-family-photo06tybee-island-family-photo07tybee-island-family-photo08tybee-island-family-photo09tybee-island-family-photo10tybee-island-family-photo11tybee-island-family-photo12tybee-island-family-photo13tybee-island-family-photo14tybee-island-family-photo15tybee-island-family-photo16tybee-island-family-photo17tybee-island-family-photo18tybee-island-family-photo19tybee-island-family-photo20tybee-island-family-photo21tybee-island-family-photo22tybee-island-family-photo23tybee-island-family-photo24tybee-island-family-photo25tybee-island-family-photo26tybee-island-family-photo27tybee-island-family-photo28tybee-island-family-photo29tybee-island-family-photo30tybee-island-family-photo31tybee-island-family-photo32tybee-island-family-photo33tybee-island-family-photo34tybee-island-family-photo35tybee-island-family-photo36tybee-island-family-photo37tybee-island-family-photo38tybee-island-family-photo39tybee-island-family-photo40