Swiger Family | Tybee Family Photography

Ashley contacted me about booking a Tybee family photography session after she learned I was documenting her sister’s wedding at the Tybee Wedding Chapel. It’s nice to have an extra day to get to know a family. It isn’t an opportunity I have often. We ended up adjusting their shoot from a rainy day to a cloudy day, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying their Tybee time. My deepest thank to you all for being yourselves!

Hoerr Family | Tybee Family Photographer

These guys were just full of great energy & ran this Tybee family photographer up one side of the beach & down the other. There was even a moment I was so focused on all the activity that I tripped & immersed everything but my forearm & the camera. Good thing I have back up equipment around if I need it. Many thanks Lisa, Chuck, Bailey & Brayden for giving me 100% of you!

Whitham Family | Tybee Family Photographer

It is an honor having the opportunity to be the Tybee family photographer to this strong, loving family once again this year. You can see the result of last year’s session here. Parker has gotten taller & Paxton looks more like a man in the making. Last year we played on the south end at sunset & this year we did sunrise on the north beach. These four people trust me & that is the greatest gift I could hope to earn. Thank you Krista, Andy, Parker & Paxton.