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Tybee Island Family Photography

Tybee Island Family Photography – Whitham Family

It is nearly impossible to say how much this family means to me. I’ve known Krista, Andy, Parker and Paxton for four years now. They’ve traveled three out of those four years from their home in Iowa to vacation on Tybee Island by way of an 18 hour drive. They have been so supportive of my work since the time that I first ventured into family photography and my style changed drastically.

In fact, they are one of the first families I photographed when I began doing Tybee Island family photography. I used to fear photographing families and thought I’d never want anything to do with it. Who would have guessed that fours years later I would love it so much that it would be the lion’s share of my business.

There are many things that make this family special and I am humbly honored that Krista and Andy have trusted me to document their visits in such a natural and candid way. It’s quite awesome seeing the children in the families you work with grow, seeing them lose bits of the child and add traces of the adult to come.

I am so glad the lighting was soft with moments of bright contrast and the waves were big for your session. It fits so well with your personalities and the way you interact and connect with one another. Every time I’ve had the opportunity I’ve been in awe to watch you guys through my camera and it’s over way too quickly. I cannot thank you guys enough. There aren’t words for what your friendship means to me. I hope my images speak in some small way to how grateful I am to know you all.tybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photographytybee-island-family-photography