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Tybee Island Family Photography | Activities

Tybee Island family photography certainly is a way to remember you family vacation for generations. But while you’re here, what other family-friendly things are there to do while you’re here? This continues my blog series to share the recommendations I share with clients in person every year.

A dolphin tour withis a memory little ones will remember forever. Capt. Mike’s Dolphin Tours is received multiple awards and countless reviews as being the best at it.  I’ve lived here for 8 years and seeing dolphins never gets old and stops me from doing whatever I was doing. On the tour you’ll get close enough to make amazing photos with your cell phone. I recommend a sunset tour since that’s a time they are out and feeding and you’re getting a sunset tour as well. Be sure to watch the last rays of light touch the Cockspur Island Lighthouse on your way out.

For all those animals that are more elusive and to learn so much about the ocean environment stopping by the Tybee Island Marine Center. They have detailed displays and a staff with volumes of knowledge that provide kid friendly, fun tours. There are opportunities to volunteer and give back as well. Who know, you might end up inspiring the next generation of stewards for the Earth. You will also walk away with a greater appreciation for the unique ecosystem that is Tybee.

A tour of the island by bike, especially a ride on the beach is something everyone should do once. I recommend finding out which way the wind is blowing before you go out and bike the Tybee bike path through the island against the wind and then go with the wind out on the beach. You’ll fly effortlessly and make a big loops seeing so much of the island…and you may have enough energy to want to do another lap. Get in touch with Tim’s Beach Gear. They provide excellent service and provide options for little one as well as rent baby gear you may need, like strollers and cribs, while you’re away from home.

Hope those ideas were helpful! More to come soon. If you’re looking for a photographer that does Tybee Island family photography I’d be happy to answer any questions you have and hear a bit more about my style and how I work to achieve the images I do. Look forward to hearing from you soon and enjoy these three from their recent mini session!

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