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Tybee Island Family Photography | Bonnin Family

When you hire me for your Tybee Island family photography needs, sometimes everything just goes right…even when it doesn’t. Sweet, little 8-month-old Wren was the well-earned center of attention for her parents, Stephanie and Carlos, as well as her doting grandparents, Scarlet and Stephen. We started off with some amazing interaction and expressions from Wren, but soon she became fussy and Stephanie knew it was time for a feeding.

So what do you do? You do what any true mother does. You toss a blank over your feeding baby for a little makeshift privacy on the beach and you soldier on. Wren decided a little nap was in order after that, but that didn’t stop us from making photos and cuddling with her as she slept.

After Wren awoke from her nap she was the brightest, upbeat little baby enjoying the ocean and her surroundings as if it was all for the first time. Everything about this session was a gift for me to experience. When a family has so much love and support for one another and doesn’t skip a beat at life’s little wrinkles it’s visual poetry to watch.

I’ve been creating Tybee Island family photography for eight years now. I encourage all my clients to go with the flow and force nothing. Whatever your child is excited about in that moment, for just this hour lose your adult eyes and be equally excited about it. Forget that pose or shot you felt you couldn’t leave the beach without. If you connect with them where they are I swear will get an even better shot you didn’t know you actually wanted more.