Forsyth Park Inn Wedding

My absolute most favorite type of wedding in Savannah Georgia is a Forsyth Park Inn wedding. I could easily say it’s because of the beautiful window lighting and historic feeling you get in all the tastefully furnished bedrooms and common areas. I could also say that I love it so because of the lush, private courtyard full of dangling Spanish moss and complete with a fountain where all of the ceremonies are held. I could most certainly say that it’s because of it’s easy access which allows me to photograph newlyweds in Forsyth Park and downtown( I’ll do a blog on just those images in the near future) while their family and guest stay at the Inn to be well taken care of while enjoying cake and champagne and sitting in one of the many rocking chairs on the grand porch while watching the dappled light play on Savannah’s historic district as the world goes by. It is all of those reasons, but more than those it’s the staff and how everyone from the moment I enter the inn I feel not like I’m at work, but that I’ve come home.

If you’re interested in planning a Forsyth Park Inn wedding I highly recommend you contact Bobbie Jo Harrison, the Inn’s wedding coordinator. She’s super friendly and truly knows how to take care of others. You can reach her here at

If you’re looking for a Forsyth Park Inn wedding photographer I would love to chat with you. I’ve been photographing weddings there for ten years now (see some examples below) and would be glad to help with planning your day so you and yours benefit from all the tips and tricks I’ve learned and come away with the best experience and best images to remember your wedding always.