How to hire the right Tybee Island Photographer for you. (Hint: If won’t always be me.)

Are you interested in hiring a Tybee Island photographer and want to be sure you hire the one that’s best for you? I’m going to cut straight to it so you do just that. We’ll get the obvious out of the way first. You want a photographer that has a consistent look and feel to their work. Even a dozen images from a dozen different sessions should feel like they were all made by the same photographer. Next, a seasoned track record of detailed, positive feedback on Google or other reputable third-party sites should be readily available. You’re looking for feedback that’s heartfelt and extensive, not short and generic because it means the client truly wanted others to know how good their experience really was. 


It may reassure you to know that the two most important factors for hiring the right Tybee Island photographer for you are completely based on your instincts and feelings. The first one is that the overall mood and editing style of their finished images should speak visually to your tastes and emotionally to your heart. If that doesn’t click for you then there’s no point moving forward to learn more. I’ve practiced this craft long enough to know when a potential client is actually looking for someone else rather than me. It’s my duty to guide them in that direction, because leading someone to happiness is always the right thing to do. It’s a reward you never regret.

Secondly, their interactions with you from the very beginning should speak to your gut that this is someone you want to work with. Pro tip: To be certain, take the time to call and chat with them. This is probably the best way to be sure. Although, it’s still noticeable by how they reply to your messages, but it’s more subtle. You should feel a sincere effort from the photographer to understand your individual needs and to help you, especially beyond the scope of simply selling you something. 

This last factor I mentioned is so important when hiring a Tybee Island photographer. But why? If your photographer is able to make you feel they’re listening and understand your needs from the beginning, then that’s what you’ll feel every time you look at your images. If they can make your husband or boyfriend, who may not be enthusiastic about getting their photograph taken, feel the session is actually pleasurable rather than painful, then that’s what they’ll feel every time they look at the images. It might even convert them to someone who comes to enjoy sessions going forward. If they’re able to make your child, who tends to be shy around strangers, come out of their shell and be who they are at home, then that’s what they’ll feel every time they look at the images. It may even set a foundation for those images to be your child’s favorites as an adult.

Considering these are the most precious moments of your lives that you can’t do over, what price would you place on you and your loved ones feeling this way about photos of yourselves decades later? Benjamin Franklin once said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” It stands to reason that the opposite is also true; that the contentment of good quality remains long after the temporary discomfort of paying a premium is forgotten. In summary, loving a photographer’s work is a great start, but loving how they make you and your loved ones feel is the key to a perfect finish. If you prioritize these two elements over price, it won’t end up costing you so much more than just money in the long run.