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When you hire me for your Tybee Island family photography needs, sometimes everything just goes right…even when it doesn’t. Sweet, little 8-month-old Wren was the well-earned center of attention for her parents, Stephanie and Carlos, as well as her doting grandparents, Scarlet and Stephen. We started off with some amazing interaction and expressions from Wren, but soon she became fussy and Stephanie knew it was time for a feeding.

So what do you do? You do what any true mother does. You toss a blank over your feeding baby for a little makeshift privacy on the beach and you soldier on. Wren decided a little nap was in order after that, but that didn’t stop us from making photos and cuddling with her as she slept.

After Wren awoke from her nap she was the brightest, upbeat little baby enjoying the ocean and her surroundings as if it was all for the first time. Everything about this session was a gift for me to experience. When a family has so much love and support for one another and doesn’t skip a beat at life’s little wrinkles it’s visual poetry to watch.

I’ve been creating Tybee Island family photography for eight years now. I encourage all my clients to go with the flow and force nothing. Whatever your child is excited about in that moment, for just this hour lose your adult eyes and be equally excited about it. Forget that pose or shot you felt you couldn’t leave the beach without. If you connect with them where they are I swear will get an even better shot you didn’t know you actually wanted more.


I know I’m a bit biased here, but if you’re a couple celebrating a milestone while visiting Tybee at the top of my list of recommendations would be to hire a professional Tybee Island photographer. By the way, this is part three of a continuing series of recommendations I’ve been giving clients in person for years. There are two more on family friendly things to do and places to eat in my last two posts.

So why hire a Tybee Island photographer? Let’s take Deborah and Stephen pictured below. They traveled all the way from Ohio to celebrate their first anniversary together. Here are Deborah’s own words which you can find with many other google reviews from past clients. “Shannon’s photography left me speechless & moved to tears. To have someone so talented be able to capture such spontaneous & raw moments between you & your loved one(s) is irreplacable. He captures moments that you will want to remember forever. Not only is his work phenomenal, but Shannon has the best humor and kindest heart. 10/10!!!”

I’m so thankful for meeting Deborah and Stephen and having the honor of documenting this time in their lives. Wouldn’t you want a way to vividly remember a certain moment in your life? Photographs have that power. They not only help you remember the tiniest of details, like what you were wearing or what a place looked like, they become touchstones for other memories that would have otherwise been forgotten.

I love meeting and working with people to get great photos, so it’s important to know that my sessions are actually a fun activity on Tybee and another way to make a memory with your loved one. So many people think it’s something full of formality and stress. I spend a bit of time at the beginning getting to know them and the rest is spent getting them to laugh by acting foolish or getting them to make each other laugh. I also encourage them to be spontaneous and romantic while enjoying the experience of being on the beach at one of the most beautifully lit times of day.

If you are considering a Tybee Island photographer please know I’m very approachable and happy to answer questions, discuss best locations, give wardrobe advice and talk about every little detail to be sure you and yours have the best experience and walk away with photos you love. There are several choices when it comes to a Tybee Island photographer. I highly recommend looking at the work extensively before you look at the price. What good are photos you paid less for if you love them less too? Know what you’re getting. Please visit my faq page to get more information regarding my process.

For you lovers visiting Tybee here are a few more recommendations especially for you.

Want to keep the romance going from the minute you arrive? Be sure an book a room at the Surf Song Bed and Breakfast just one block from Tybee’s less crowded and more intimate north beach. This recently renovated 110 year old Victorian was originally built to house a senior officer stationed at the historic Fort Screven located a few blocks away.. If you’re celebrating you honeymoon or just want to feel special, the Sunrise Suite will do the trick. Named because you gusted it, its unobstructed view of the morning sunrise over the Atlantic fills the almost floor to ceiling front windows. The owner/innkeeper Cindy is a delightful person always tending to her guests. She also keeps a tight ship as I’ve never seen so much as a leaf in the pool (yes, they have a pool!) or a chair cushion out of place on their wrap around porch.

If your the adventurous type I highly recommend renting kayaks with Tybee Jet Ski and Watersports and paddling over to the Cockspur Island Lighthouse. I can speak from personal experience that it’s a stunning place to see sunrise or sunset with dolphins sometime porpoising nearby. Wear comfortable water shoes because clamshells are what support most of the islet when you arrive and if you time the tides right, because there is no islet if you don’t, you can even enjoy a meal there. Here’s a tide chart to help.

Are you looking to take your significant other out for a romantic, unique fine dining experience? Then you need to check out Tybee Island Fish Camp and you better make reservations because they . It’s a remodeled 1950’s cottage so it has limited space, which adds to the intimacy. It’s embraced by a beautiful live oak and cedar trees as you walk up to the place and if you wish you can sit under and enjoy the last rays of sun through it’s branches while enjoying one of their signature cocktails. Also, they’re only open Wednesday through Sunday with a menu that changes daily.  The owners Kurtis and Sarah Schumm also own the Tybee Island Social Club, a place where not just the tacos, but everything on the menu is down with a twist and the live music eclectic yet always soulful and hip including a three piece bluegrass band for Sunday brunch.

Tybee Island photographerTybee Island photographerTybee Island photographerTybee Island photographerTybee Island photographerTybee Island photographerTybee Island photographer


Tybee Island family photography certainly is a way to remember you family vacation for generations. But while you’re here, what other family-friendly things are there to do while you’re here? This continues my blog series to share the recommendations I share with clients in person every year.

A dolphin tour withis a memory little ones will remember forever. Capt. Mike’s Dolphin Tours is received multiple awards and countless reviews as being the best at it.  I’ve lived here for 8 years and seeing dolphins never gets old and stops me from doing whatever I was doing. On the tour you’ll get close enough to make amazing photos with your cell phone. I recommend a sunset tour since that’s a time they are out and feeding and you’re getting a sunset tour as well. Be sure to watch the last rays of light touch the Cockspur Island Lighthouse on your way out.

For all those animals that are more elusive and to learn so much about the ocean environment stopping by the Tybee Island Marine Center. They have detailed displays and a staff with volumes of knowledge that provide kid friendly, fun tours. There are opportunities to volunteer and give back as well. Who know, you might end up inspiring the next generation of stewards for the Earth. You will also walk away with a greater appreciation for the unique ecosystem that is Tybee.

A tour of the island by bike, especially a ride on the beach is something everyone should do once. I recommend finding out which way the wind is blowing before you go out and bike the Tybee bike path through the island against the wind and then go with the wind out on the beach. You’ll fly effortlessly and make a big loops seeing so much of the island…and you may have enough energy to want to do another lap. Get in touch with Tim’s Beach Gear. They provide excellent service and provide options for little one as well as rent baby gear you may need, like strollers and cribs, while you’re away from home.

Hope those ideas were helpful! More to come soon. If you’re looking for a photographer that does Tybee Island family photography I’d be happy to answer any questions you have and hear a bit more about my style and how I work to achieve the images I do. Look forward to hearing from you soon and enjoy these three from their recent mini session!

Tybee island Family PhotographyTybee island Family PhotographyTybee island Family PhotographyTybee island Family PhotographyTybee island Family PhotographyTybee island Family PhotographyTybee island Family Photography