Planning a trip to Tybee | Photographer Tybee Island GA

There’s a good chance many of you are reading this blog post from home working while trying to keep the kids entertained and all the while daydreaming about a future trip to Tybee Island. Well everyone loves to escape, even when they can’t, so I thought I’d give you a list of things to do from home that will keep you excited about Tybee and make you even more prepared to make the absolute most of your visit when you do arrive.

  1. Sunrise/Sunset Want to make the absolute most of Tybee’s natural gifts. Sunrise off the Atlantic with just the right amount of cumulus to catch that color along with a peaceful walk on fresh sand is a perfect way to start your first morning. Dolphins feed at this time of day, so seeing them is not rare. Sunset along the backwater with a beach chair and a beverage is quite the way to end the first day too. Find out here when they are during your stay.
  2. High Tide/Low Tide If you’ve never been to Tybee it’s good to know that our tides have quite the swing of several feet. Time it right and you can do things like bike the hard pack sand all the way up and down our beach, search for seashells and ocean creatures on the sandbar, plan some peaceful paddle boarding. Depending if you love the splash of waves or more beach to chase your loved ones, you can time your family photo session for your perfect conditions. Find out the tides during your stay right here. You can choose the day, month or even look at a whole year at the bottom of the page.
  3. Restaurant Menus Ever wish you had taken the time to review the menu online before you got there with the kids and the chaos that comes with? Here’s your chance to almost taste the fresh seafood and sip that perfect margarita and plan all your dining experiences with several of these Tybee restaurant menus. Here’s North Beach Bar and Grill‘s brand new menu. Here’s Huc-A-Poo’s basic pizza, but to see an actual photo of the full menu front and back go here. Watch you don’t get any pizza grease on your laptop. The Breakfast Club has a monster of a menu. Decide if a shrimp omelet or pecan waffle is in your future here. If you don’t know about Sundae Cafe, one of Tybee’s best kept secrets, then please drool here.
  4. Be here now, virtually. The advantage of the several businesses that post live camera feeds of views of Tybee and feel the sand warming your toes. Here’s Hotel Tybee‘s, the City of Tybee‘s cameras, the DeSoto Beach Hotel‘s, Spanky’s, and A-J’s Dockside. Also, and probably my favorite is to explore the beaches and streets with Google Earth. This is by far not just the best way to see what is all there to do, but to literally explore the land and waterways, to see where things go, to find shortcuts that would have gone unnoticed, to maybe find a piece or two of Tybee that only a handful of people see every year. Happy exploring and we’ll all be here ready to welcome you when things get back to normal…and they will. Meantime, shop for an elderly neighbor, call or FaceTime a friend you haven’t spoke to in awhile, finally read that classic novel, order and teach your kids to play the game Pit, take a walk on a local trail or park, but don’t stress and be grateful.