Tybee Beach Photographers Sunrise Session

As one of you options in Tybee beach photographers I wanted to share why sunrises sessions are the superior choice in my opinion when it comes to light, conditions and experience. (Also, I’m not even a morning person.)

To put it obviously, the sun rises in the east, so as part of the east coast Tybee Island gets the sun coming right up out of the Atlantic Ocean just like the west coast gets better sunsets in my opinion with the sun setting right on the Pacific.

Another element of the sun, and this comes from living here and photographing families as well as hiking the beach often at sunrise, is that the summer often yields some morning clouds on the horizon. These clouds create soft flattering light and also keep the higher temps at bay. They allow two different looks to your images when the sun does come out and they add dimension and beauty in your photos when they appear in the background as well.

The last thing, and this shouldn’t be underestimated, is the mood of the mornings. It is truly palpable to those few willing to rise early and be rewarded with beaches that have few and sometimes no people. The sand is sometimes fresh without footprints when the high tide, like nature’s etch-a-sketch, washes everything away the day before. It truly feels and looks like what we imagine in our minds as a child before our first visit to a beach.

I especially recommend sunrise sessions for those looking for Tybee beach photographers to document their maternity, an intimate elopement or smaller family with early rising kiddos. Even larger families of twelve or more have hired me for sunrise sessions in the past, but they were fans of sunrise, which obviously helps.

The added bonus to rising early is that you can beat the line that always forms at The Breakfast Club and you have your entire day ahead of you to explore, shop or simply relax on the beach. So are you in?

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