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When it comes to Tybee Island things to do list there are many. Here are links to several:







I even have my own list of things to do here: ShannonChristopher.com

I’d like to add having a family photo session to my list. There are obvious reasons of course, but you probably won’t know the unique reasons unless you have had that experience yourself or read about it from those that did. I’ve utilized my degree in photojournalism for the last decade in Tybee to create a style of candid fine art.

I like my sessions to stretch well beyond simply a list of shots, but to be a collaboration with my clients. I feel confident in placing my clients in situations that they feel so comfortable in that they respond naturally and I am able to capture images that express that. When spontaneous moments happen I relish and seize that time to get as many unique and true moments as possible. This usually looks like me chasing the smallest family member when they begin to run in excitement towards the ocean, dancing a bit to get everyone to laugh sincerely or giving a couple the space to feel safe to express their affection for each other (see images below). It lets everyone know I’m serious about everyone feeling they can be themselves and getting images that truly represent their family. It also says that I understand the moments that have weight as well as when not to take myself too seriously and am happy to enter the ocean, run backwards (often falling) or crawl in the sand to get the shot.

Everyone has an opportunity through the work they do to connect with the larger world. This is mine and I simply want people to feel happier for the experience.

email: shannon@shannonchristopher.com