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From the moment I met Matt, Kelly and Owen, which was 7 a.m., they were full of a lightness and ready to play. Well, maybe not so much Owen, but a few tickles and the introduction of tide pools and we were in happy land.

Owen is such an affectionate little guy. He started doing this gesture the family now calls “bonk” where he leans in and gently touches his head to yours and now it’s something he does on request and is quite adorable. You’ll see it in a few of the images.

Owen is paying attention at all times, very inquisitive and friendly, especially when it come to kitty cats. I had the serendipitous please of coffee with these guys the next morning when I swung by Tybean Art & Coffee Bar  for my caffeine fix after my morning bike ride. Owen found Bean, the coffee shop mascot, in no time and was ready to be friends. Bean isn’t always in the mood to return the favor, so Owen stayed at an arm’s length.

The other thing was that Owen like to have an adult cup like the rest of us or does feel included. Matt filling one up with water and hands it to him. As Owen takes his first sip half the water spills off his chin and all down his shirt. Don’t worry Owen, I told him, I do that all the time and supposedly I’m an adult.

Thank you three for all your kindness and for allowing me the honor of sharing a bit go your time on Tybee!



When I met Anthony and Tori in the parking lot they were two people that had a distinctly classy, yet casual style. They were also equal parts nervous and excited about their Tybee Island wedding. Tori was fumbling with bags and what to bring while Anthony was struggling with the parking meter. With the help of the talented, kind Tybee wedding officiant Dana Johnson of Tybee Island Bride we were able to assure them everything would be fine and we made our way to the beach.

A fact about just two in your wedding party allows for spontaneity. You can choose in that moment where exactly to have your ceremony based on the crowds, tide and light conditions in front of you. Tori really liked the jetty so I made sure to include it in their session.

Although it was a simple ceremony of just two it was certainly full of emotion and unique moments. Anthony and Tori’s personalities really began to shine as they smiled and laughed once the ceremony was underway. The tears of joy Tori burst into after her and Anthony kissed were so deeply felt that a passing sunset watcher gladly gave her tissues as she wished them well. It’s just a gift to be around people that make you happier just by being in their presence.

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It’s always an honor to be able to create images for another photographer, especially one as talented as Alison Epps. Alison had direction early on and started her career at a young age when most of us (meaning me) are just trying to stay out of trouble. If you live anywhere in Florida, especially the Tampa or St. Petersburg area, you should certainly invest in a session of her beautiful work.

This session was special for many reasons. Obviously the interaction between Alison and little Miss Hadley June was a gift to observe in itself.