Savannah Wedding Photographer | Forsyth Park and Downtown Savannah

I wanted to share an example of my work as a Savannah wedding photographer that really showcased Forsyth Park and downtown Savannah. Colleen and Tony decided to have what is often called a “newlywed walk” prior to their ceremony in a private garden elsewhere. I love this because at the end of the day this is for the two of you and your itinerary should be one that serves and brings you both joy. No matter where in your wedding day this takes place, carving out this time allows the two of you to slow down the day just for a bit to celebrate the relationship and what this day is all about at its heart. I can’t recommend this enough and suggest you don’t make it an afterthought, but rather a priority in your day of celebration. I can’t tell you how many clients come back to me later and say the images from this part of their day are their favorites. They are the ones they print and display prominently so they can reflect on them daily.

My last blog post made mention that mornings are the best time to schedule a Savannah family session…or wedding session for that matter. I want to break that rule to tell you that these images where made in the late afternoon hours of the day, around 4:30/5pm to be more precise. Why does it work? It works because this is spring when this sweet couple tied the knot. The biggest giveaway are the images with jasmine blooms. It primarily works because spring in Savannah Georgia, which tends to be March through mid-May, is still reasonable when it comes to afternoon temperatures and the summer crowds aren’t visiting yet either. It’s why spring and fall are known as wedding seasons down south. When summer does hit, Savannah is always several degrees warmer since it doesn’t have a breeze like Tybee. That breeze that also exists in the spring and fall in Savannah can be a lifesaver as far as having an enjoyable experience when it comes to hiring a Savannah wedding photographer.

If having this sort of intimate wedding day experience sounds exactly what you’re looking for, please get in touch. I love making people happy and I want you to benefit from the knowledge I’ve gathered from over a decade of doing the very same thing for hundred of happy clients. I look forward to hearing from you!