Adventure and Chill | Martinez Family

Adventure and Chill is the personal blog of Savannah, GA resident Stacy Martinez which highlights all of her talents and adventures as a professional photographer, an explorer, a homeschooler…and I’d like to add as an inspiring mother and wife. I feel a bit lazy when I see all that Stacy and her husband Armando, who owns his own consulting company, accomplishes. They incorporate school lessons into their many trips to National Parks, almost all 50 states and even foreign countries. Stacy also teaches middle school and high school students advanced photography.

If you’re wondering where does the chill part comes in with this crew, I’m right with you, but they do. Matter of fact, I have the photos below to prove it. I’m lucky to have the Martinez family as supporters of my work for several years now and even luckier to call them friends. Please visit Stacy’s blog and her Instagram to see what adventures they’re up to next.