Tybee Island Vacation | Swires Family

I wanted to share why a Tybee Island vacation is such a great idea along with some adorable photos of the Swires family. Tybee Island often makes it on some very big lists, like number three on the top thirty beaches in America on BestLife. It’s received the award of “Best Family Beach” from multiple magazines and Coastal Living includes it as one of the best beaches in America to visit in the Summer. Here’s a larger list of all their awards from just 2018.

If you’re not convinced by those opinions of why a Tybee Island vacation is a good idea then how about some Tybee Island facts. Did you know Tybee is home to Georgia’s tallest and oldest lighthouse? Did you know Fort Pulaski, a Civil War era stone fort made of close to 25 million bricks and under the protection and care of the National Park system is just a quick 5-minute drive away? Did you know Tybee has been the film set for major hollywood movies that have included Robert De Niro, Will Smith and Dwayne Johnson just to name a few? Did you know due to building codes and historic areas that Tybee has a look and feel of a beach from decades ago with practically no commercialization on the beach and very little in the town? How about the fact that it has five miles of beach and it’s all public?

Believe it or not, many of the above also make hiring a Tybee Island photographer for family photos a unique, relaxed, fun and educational experience. I just happen to know a photographer that will share his knowledge of the local history, the marine life, places to visit, restaurants to eat at as well as personal stories of witnessing film sets and actors on location during productions all while making fun of himself and chasing your family across the sand and into the water in the quest for a unique family photo that you’ll want to cherish.